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feel good in your skin and uncover your ideal style

hi there. i'm jessie.

I'm the tea drinking, type-A coach and educator behind everything that you'll find here


What started as a personal journey to heal my relationship with my body and appearance has turned into a calling to help women free themselves from feeling like things will only start happening for them once they look the part.


I trained in costume design in college because I loved fashion but didn’t love the fashion world. And since I’d never met a broadway musical I didn’t love, I figured costume design would suit me just fine.

But it would take me years before I would discover how to put my costume design training to use in a way that felt right for me.

It would also take a years-long (and, honestly, still in process) journey of breaking down what I thought I knew about my body, style, appearance and my own self worth before I was ready to step into my purpose and the work I do today.

I’m a firm believer that life will bring us the most unlikely of teachers from time to time, and this was certainly the case for me. It was only in the process of navigating fertility issues and recurrent miscarriages that I was able to begin to shift what I thought I knew, heal my relationship with my body and appearance, and find that purpose.

I’m also a personality test junkie. So, in case you’re curious, I’m a Virgo, INTJ, HD Manifestor, enneagram 8, color green, my top strength is Relator, my love language is quality time, and if I missed a test you love then please send it my way because I want to know about it!

I’ve got a dry sense of humor and I’m known for being direct. Add that to an awesome case of RBF (resting b*tch face) and you might be inclined to think I’m not that friendly, but I really am. I promise. I also can’t lie to save my life, so you know I’m telling you the truth.


what i know to be true


Women are powerful beyond measure

The little things in life matter

We’re too obsessed with appearance in today’s culture

your body size, weight, skin color, hair texture, height, measurements, or features have nothing to do with who you are and what you offer the world

empowering women will fundamentally change the world for the better

Sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them

your values should drive your choices


my personal manifesto


When I sat down, once upon a time, to dream about what I wanted my life to look like I discovered a handful of little things that I wanted to be true.

Then I decided that they could be true.

And so began my effort to, as I put it then and still love to put it now, live life on holiday.

It's not about drinks with umbrellas on the beach and no responsibilities. Personally, I think that would get boring after a bit.

Instead it's about treating every day with the care and attention that I allow for when I'm on holiday. 

And it's a testament to the impact of choosing your future, the importance of the little things, and the power of intention.

Read the manifesto