find the ease and comfort of a style you love

a style that allows you to express yourself and works with your life

in a process that supports your work on de-centering your appearance


it’s time to …

… stop saying “one day ...” to your style and start showing up for yourself today.

… put some purpose behind your style so that you can focus less on how you look and more on feeling good.

… stop heading into dressing rooms with armloads of clothes that don’t work, wearing the same five outfits on rotation, wasting money on clothes that rarely if ever get worn, feeling down on yourself about how you dress, and finally figure out how to get clarity on your style


You can have a style that …

you love and that lifts you up.

is comfortable to wear and comfortable to show up in for any situation life throws at you.

is easy. Easy to wear. Easy to maintain. Easy to create.


It all starts with getting clarity

on what you like, what you need, and what works for you.

I’ve taken my experience from working on style and design over the past 15+ years and put into a masterclass to help you find this clarity.


When you join the Style Clarity Masterclass you get access to


Two masterclass videos

These videos cover the approach that, until now, I’ve used exclusively with one-on-one clients to clarify their style, discover the core pieces they need in their wardrobe, and find the freedom and ease that comes with a style that’s designed exactly for them.

A PDF guide

This beautifully designed guide will help you work through steps covered in the masterclass videos

my style clarity guide for my personal style

I’ll share with you my current style board, reference images, and personal style guide that have taken me through my biggest style evolution in years.