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feel good in your skin and uncover your ideal style

the stumped stylist

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what it means to be

a stumped stylist


the stumped stylist

what to know

This archetype represents you as you currently relate to your Core Style. During our lifetime we all will likely take on each one of the six stylist archetypes. As we grow and evolve as individuals, it only makes sense that our style - how we visually communicate who we are - will grow and evolve as well. And it’s in these transitions and evolutions that we tend to shift archetypes.

So, keep this in mind: Where you are now is not necessarily where you’ll always be. And you, my friend, are the one who has the power to shift your archetype if you wish to do so. But first let’s learn a little bit more about where you are now.


as a stumped stylist you…

» May be considered “stylish” by others but have a hard time articulating or knowing what your style is

» Likely have gone through a transition in some aspect of your life in the recent past that has left you with a need to update your style but you lack the certainty on just how to do that

» Often like a variety of aesthetics that don’t appear to work together

keep in mind

» It’s okay not to know the answer. Your Core Style is going to evolve and change as you evolve and change. There will be times when you and your style aren’t in sync and you’ve got to give yourself some time to figure things out. But you can do it, and it’s not a forever state of uncertainty!

» You need to give yourself permission and freedom to explore and play with your style. This means not judging yourself based on your style. Your worth doesn’t lie in your style. You’ll take some missteps as you figure out your style. Those missteps say nothing about you other than you’re on the journey. Keep going!

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where to focus


your focus area: the aesthetics you like

As a stumped stylist, you are one of the only archetypes where I tell you to focus on the aesthetics. However, this doesn’t mean that you can skip gaining clarity on who you are and jump straight to the aesthetics. That’s a recipe that just won’t work. Instead, get clear on who you are, what you value, and what you want to communicate with your style. Make this simple and clear so that it can sit in your subconscious and help you out as you head into the aesthetics.

Once you have clarity on who you are, jump into the aesthetics and let go of any and all judgments.

You’re likely drawn to a range of aesthetics that don’t seemingly work together. Don’t worry about that. Give yourself permission to be expansive. Play. Part of why you’re stumped is that you’ve been trying to figure it out. Let your intuition take over for a bit and consider what you’re drawn to even if it makes little to no sense. Once you’ve given yourself time to play you can then go back to who you are and start streamlining the aesthetics to just those that are in alignment.


get started

You now have clarity on your Core Style archetype. You’ve also have insight on where to put your focus.

Now it’s time to get started and take some action … because a parked car never moves and simply thinking about your true Core Style isn’t going to make it appear for you!


Start here

GET YOUR COPY OF THE STYLE ROADMAP - I’ve taken my entire process for uncovering your ideal style and I’ve put it in a roadmap that you can download for free. The Style Roadmap gives you each step in the process and highlights a few common mistakes I’ve seen ladies make along the way. If you don’t have your copy yet, go now! It’s good.

BOOK A STYLE SESSION - If you’re looking for more hands-on support with Core Styling for you or your brand, I’m here for you. I’m currently working with a limited number of ladies for one-on-one style sessions.

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