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feel good in your skin and uncover your ideal style

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We all enter the work of learning to feel good in our body and style from different places. Some of us are aware of how our culture promotes the idea that we are our looks, have done body image work, or have worked with stylists. But some of us haven’t. Regardless of where you’re starting, this page has all the info to get you started on a journey that leads you to freedom, ease, and fun with showing up proudly as yourself.

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the basics

There are a lot of terms and ideas that get thrown out (guilty!) when we talk about style and body image. This section covers all of the basics and gives you some Style and Body Image 101 learning to get your started. This is a great place to start for almost everyone even if you’re just giving the info a quick glance and skim.


our appearance-focused world

Part of being able to find freedom, ease, and fun with showing up as yourself is recognizing where that isn’t currently happening and why. This section gives you the bigger picture around our looks-obsessed, body-obsessed culture so that you can begin to clearly see just why we think and do the things we do.

The role of style

Style is often barely touched on or left out of the body image conversations entirely. But style is visual and therefore plays a big role in our appearance-focused world. It’s also a huge part of learning to proudly show up and express yourself to the world. In this section you’ll understand the role of style and how we can approach it in a body-neutral way.


where to go next

Gone through all the resources above and looking for more?

No worries. I’ve got plenty more for you! I’m sharing a few of the resources and services I have available to help you on your journey to feel good in your skin and style. So take a look below so that you can continue to get your learn on. 🤓


The core Style Roadmap

I’ve shared this all over the place on this website and that’s because it’s good!

This roadmap covers the framework that I use in my private coaching sessions.



core style sessions

Sometimes we all just need a little support.

Yes, the steps are all there in the roadmap. But how do you move from one to the other? How do you know what’s going to move your forward without a ton of trial and error? How do you get past those places where you’re just stuck?

That’s what these Core Style™ Sessions are for - to support you in your journey so that you’re able to get there with greater clarity, ease, and confidence that you’re on the right path.

I know that this work can be challenging. Each time you think you’re getting a handle on respecting your body, not placing your worth in your appearance, and showing up as yourself another hurdle seems to appear. And it’s easy to feel defeated or that you’re going about it all wrong. Having someone walk beside you and guide you can help navigate you through these challenges so that you save your energy for the real work.



the style clarity masterclass

Have you been doing lots of body image, anti-diet, body-neutrality work already and are just looking to find an approach to style that supports your efforts?

If so, this is the class for you.

This class does not address the body image, body-neutrality, and appearance-focused aspects of understanding style. Instead, it assumes you are well versed in and have already done that work for yourself and walks you through a style process that supports a healthy body image.

This masterclass walks you step-by-step through a process to find clarity in your style and end the style struggle cycle that keeps us looking at our closet with frustration. Using a design-based process that relies on expressing who you are and communicating what you want to say to the world through your style, you’ll finally get the clarity you’ve always desired about how to figure out your style, the pieces you need in your closet, and how to bring it all together with ease.


still want more?

Well, aren’t you on a roll?!? 🎉I’ve shared a few of my most popular journal posts below so that you can keep going.

And don’t forget that I’m on Instagram on the regular with lots of new posts, conversations, and support happening all the time. Follow along!


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