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feel good in your skin and uncover your ideal style

the shifting stylist

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what it means to be

a shifting stylist


the shifting stylist

what to know

This archetype represents you as you currently relate to your Core Style. During our lifetime we all will likely take on each one of the six stylist archetypes. As we grow and evolve as individuals, it only makes sense that our style - how we visually communicate who we are - will grow and evolve as well. And it’s in these transitions and evolutions that we tend to shift archetypes.

So, keep this in mind: Where you are now is not necessarily where you’ll always be. And you, my friend, are the one who has the power to shift your archetype if you wish to do so. But first let’s learn a little bit more about where you are now.


as a shifting stylist you…

» Care about aesthetics and style and keep current on the trends in your culture

» Lead with the looks and trends as the primary driver of your style

» Jump from look to look and style to style as the times and trends change in an effort to stay stylish

keep in mind

» You always want to be the primary driver of your style. Even if you add in different bits and elements of trends and other aesthetics here and there, your Core Style should always be your Core Style. This means that, at its core, your Core Style represents you and allows you to show up as yourself.

» It’s great to play with trends and use them to test, expand, and evolve your Core Style. Once you are firmly grounded in who you are and what aesthetics you enjoy trends are a useful tool to keep you from getting stuck in the same old style.

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where to focus


your focus area: who you are

As a shifting stylist it’s key that we start getting your feet firmly grounded in who you are. Instead of using the looks and ideas of what’s considered to be stylish and trendy to drive your style, you want to lead with you. Who are you? What do you value? What do you want to communicate with your style?

For shifting stylists this can be a challenge because you are so aesthetically minded. So, put the aesthetics aside for a bit and just sit in this idea of uncovering you. It doesn’t have to seemingly relate to style in any way whatsoever. We’ll figure that bit out later.

Then when you’ve grounded yourself in who you are and move into the aesthetics, watch that you don’t automatically gravitate toward what you’ve been told is “stylish.” Stylish is as you make it. There’s no definition for stylish that requires you to follow someone else’s vision here. So, again, ground your feet firmly in you. What do you like? What are you drawn toward? It doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not. Focus on you.


get started

You now have clarity on your Core Style archetype. You’ve also have insight on where to put your focus.

Now it’s time to get started and take some action … because a parked car never moves and simply thinking about your true Core Style isn’t going to make it appear for you!


Start here

GET YOUR COPY OF THE STYLE ROADMAP - I’ve taken my entire process for uncovering your ideal style and I’ve put it in a roadmap that you can download for free. The Style Roadmap gives you each step in the process and highlights a few common mistakes I’ve seen ladies make along the way. If you don’t have your copy yet, go now! It’s good.

BOOK A STYLE SESSION - If you’re looking for more hands-on support with Core Styling for you or your brand, I’m here for you. I’m currently working with a limited number of ladies for one-on-one style sessions.

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