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hi there. i'm jessie.


I'm the tea drinking, type-A designer, artist, and educator behind everything that you'll find here.

With over 15 years of training and experience in the art, design, and business worlds, I know how impactful a look and style can be. And I’m kind of obsessed with it.

I’ve designed costumes, sets, and special effects makeup for the stage. I’ve built brand identities and designed websites. I’ve styled women for life’s big moments and done wardrobe makeovers. I’ve designed and created wedding dresses and invitation suites. I’ve drawn custom portraits for families and illustrations for luxury companies.

And all of this was while I was spending my days working as a teacher, business strategist and design thinking expert for a highly-respected, national non-profit.

I now spend all of my time here, working with values-driven women like you to curate a look that meets your vision and serves your needs for your life or business.

It's an idyllic job for an introvert like me. I can help, connect, and advise on my obsession with all things style and design from the comfort of my home studio. Messy bun and fancy-ish lounge clothes are my uniform and shoes are never required (but slippers are highly recommended).




What I know to be true


Women are powerful beyond measure

a look or design will influence our choices and actions

The little things in life and the little details matter

We’re all too worried about how others perceive us. With the best of intentions we hide behind how we think we should be. Whether it's what style of clothes we wear or the font we use for our brand's logo. But in doing so we miss our chance to share with the world what's unique and amazing about us. This is why our aesthetics or style matter. Our aesthetics are how we control what the world sees. And what the world sees informs what they think about us before they get to know us. But, then again, I think of aesthetics and style differently than most. 

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living my life on holiday


For me, a look is created by designing with intention. 

When I sat down, once upon a time, to dream about what I wanted my life to look like I discovered a litany of little things that I wanted to be true.

Then I decided that they could be true.

And so began my effort to, as I put it then and still love to put it now, live life on holiday.

It's not about drinks with umbrellas on the beach and no responsibilities. Personally, I think that would get boring after a bit.

Instead it's about treating every day with the care and attention that I allow for when I'm on holiday. 

And it's a testament to how a look can drive meaningful change, the impact of design, the importance of the little things, and the power of intention.

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