Style Chat :: How to Navigate Your Style with a Changing Body

A little something new to try on the blog today.

One of my Live Style Chats on Instagram wouldn’t save for a replay (Yes! - I teach LIVE on Instagram each week. Join me!). No worries, I’m a Type-A Virgo so I had my computer recording as a back-up just in case. Well, just in case happened. So I’m sharing the Style Chat recording here for you to view if you didn’t get to see it live.

During this Style Chat I go into two of the big beliefs that make styling a changing body challenging. I also go into 11 different strategies you can use to help with the practical challenges of dressing a body that shifting and changing.



11 practical strategies to help you navigate your style with a changing body

  1. Buy clothes that aren't very size dependent. Things that stretch, tie, aren't form-fitting/are loose, etc.

  2. Hint here for women: Even if you aren't pregnant look into maternity clothes.

  3. When you find a staple that you love and you know your size is changing and how, buy a couple sizes.

  4. Tailor your clothes. If your journey is one-directional a cheaper alternative may be to tailor clothes than purchasing new ones

  5. Do rental services such as Rent the Runway rentals, Le Tote, etc. Things you can wear and send back.

  6. Do consignment such as ThredUp if you know your change is more permanent, you can sell the clothes that no longer fit and use the money to shop for new or new to you clothes.

  7. Utilize accessories. Keep a core wardrobe and invest in some accessories that aren't at all or aren't as size-dependent so you can swap out the core pieces and keep the accessories and alignment in style. I talk about core wardrobes for clients even if bodies aren't changing - so this is great.

  8. As your body changes try different styles than you're used to wearing/being comfortable in. Things will fit and hang differently on different frames so you may get a similar look in a different cut or find you like a different look and cut on your body as it shifts.

  9. Shop online. Sometimes you don't want to get into a store and face people. Cool. Don't. As long as your budget allows buy clothes in a range of sizes, ship them to your house, try them on in the comfort of your home, then ship back what you don't like.

  10. Shop in store. A good store employee will know their product and they'll have seen it on lots of bodies. Use their expertise to help you find items, cuts, and fits. Ask for a manager (politely) if need be or ask if they have an associate who is __________ and when that person will be in. They want to help.

  11. Use influencers that share a similar body and/or style. This is where the right influencers can be super helpful. Use them to find stores, styling tips, fit tips, etc.

Jessica Jo Fisher