core style™ series :: my style journey, part 2


It's time to talk about my why.

If you missed Part 1 of this series I recommend you start there otherwise this post might not make much sense. I'm about to go into all of the values, beliefs, messages, feelings, and all kinds of meaningful influences on my style. I won't talk about anything visual whatsoever, and that's intentional. If that's confusing, check out the first post.

This seemingly esoteric list is the driving force behind my style. A style that I love. A style that serves me. A style that works each and every time.

When it comes to determining what your why's are, I think it's helpful to break them into three categories: your purpose, your heart, and your voice. Each of these are articulate a reason your style exists.


Purpose: How does your style need to work for you? What role does it need to play?

Heart: Who are you? What about you are you trying to nurture or honor with your style?

Voice: What are you trying to say to the world? What do you want the world to know about you through your style? 


If you any one of these three are missing from your style then you're style isn't going to serve you.

Either it's not going to work as you need it to (purpose). Or it's not going to feel right to you (heart). Or it's not going to have the impact you're hoping it will (voice).


Here's how I think about my purpose, heart, and voice:

Purpose: I'm at home 80% of the time working, playing, taking care of my daughter. I need things to be unfussy and easy to jump from task to task. Nothing too casual though or else I feel like I never get out of my house or pajamas or get to have adult time. And that's just depressing.

In summary, I need my style to FUNCTION in my current situation, have an UNFUSSY EASE since life is busy, and provide a CONFIDENCE BOOST now and again.


Heart: I'm a structured, clean, unfussy, Type A introvert. I like things simple and orderly. I need space and silence and time to decompress. But I don't believe that simple is necessarily easy. I believe the little details matter, and I pay attention to them. I put thought into my choices, sometimes too much thought, and I need to freedom to do that.

In summary, I want my style to honor that I'm an INTROVERT who identifies with the STRUCTURED and SIMPLE things in life.


Voice: I don't want to stand out. I'm not trying to make a statement or draw attention. The introvert in me doesn't want that. But I do believe in dressing for the occasion. I do believe that what you wear, how you set up a space is a way of showing respect to those around. I want to show that I respect myself and others. I want to show that I care. That I put thought into my choices. That I have an eye for detail and design (kind of important for what I do). It all just needs to work and make sense because I cared enough to make it so.

In summary, I want my style to communicate that I'm RESPECTFUL, THOUGHTFUL, and HAVE AN EYE FOR DESIGN + DETAIL.


Now, these why's are just summaries. There's more to them than what I can capture here without turning this into a novel. There's nuance and meaning that I can't readily articulate. Just as your why's will be specific and meaningful to you in a way that may be hard to communicate to others.


The key with your why's is to get the big ideas.


The themes that run throughout the all the nuance and specifics and things you may only be able to truly understand.

Now, I bet you're wondering how we turn these why's into a style. Or maybe you already have ideas popping into your head about what this is all going to look like. Perhaps what it looks like to have a style that shows respect. Or to have a style that is simple and orderly.

Before we jump into turning these specific why's into a style, I want to step to the other side of the puzzle and simply look at what I like. What I'm drawn to aesthetically. What speaks to me when I see it. All those cliches.


Our why's need to be the meaning behind our style to make sure our style serves us. But they can't be the sole driver.


Your why's need to work in tandem with the look, the aesthetic. Because your style does, absolutely, need to be something that you're visually drawn to and love.

So, next up you're going to get to see my ideal style. Big picture. Everything that I just absolutely love. Get ready for lots of pictures, looks that only make sense for red carpet royalty, and things that absolutely don't seem to fit together at all.


Jessica Jo Fisher