Why is it called CORE style™?


Wouldn't it just be easier to call it personal style?

Well, no.

Core Style™ isn't just about a look. It's about you at your core. Hence the name Core Style™.

So, are personal style and Core Style™ not the same thing? That's trickier to answer.

I think if someone's personal style/look truly shows who they are in a visual way then personal style and Core Style™ can be one in the same.

However, anymore we think of personal style as simply the look that we want people to think of when they think of us. That doesn't always translate to being a representation of who we are. And I say "think of" because very few people actually attain the look they're going for with their personal style for the same reason.

Personal style typically has big aspirations but sporadic execution.

At least that's the most common trend I see when it comes to personal style. And, boy-oh-boy, do all the magazines have the answer for us. Just take this quiz to discover your personal style. Then jump to this quiz about body shape so you'll know how to dress. Then buy these nine pieces for your shape or style (but never both together - ever noticed that?). Or read this article to find out what your astrological sign says about how you should decorate your home. And so on.

This is what I call trying to arbitrarily fit lots of different people into the same box.

And this is what personal style has become in this day and age. So, yes, by definition personal style refers to your look as does Core Style™. How we go about discovering and curating that look and why that look matters is very different when I talk about personal style and Core Style™.

Core Style™ is all about starting with you. Or as I say, you at your core. Who are you? What are your values? What do you want to communicate to the world? What does your lifestyle require of your style?

Then Core Style™ adds in your aesthetic preferences. What looks are you drawn to? What colors do you like? What colors fit you and the feelings you want to inspire? What pieces fit your needs, moods, purpose? And so on.

At no point does Core Style™ take into account pre-defined looks or categories. When all is said and done it may be an easy shortcut to tell people that your style is a bit boho and a bit glam. That's using common language to help make your point. It is not, as personal style would likely have you do, figuring out the core tenets of the boho and glam look and so that you can copy them to get your style.

Personal style gets it backwards.

You want to define your look. You don't want your look to define you.

That's why you start with you at your core.

That's what Core Style™ does and why it's so named.

Jessica Jo Fisher