Defining Core Style™




Fabulous question.

Core style™ is the precursor to your personal style.

Think of your personal style as a beautifully plated dish. It's a look. A presentation. A visual moment.

Your Core Style™ is everything that comes before that beautifully plated dish. Yes, it's the recipe, the cooking, and the plating. But it's also every decision you made from what platter to use to where to lay each item. It's everything that led to that beautifully plated dish being something you're beyond proud of.

Your core style™ is your unique visual identity. It ensures that you always feel confident and proud of your personal style.

For most of us, we start with the look we want and try to figure out how to make it happen - to varying degrees of success. Then we realize that we don't know how to get that look. Or we thought we did but it doesn't quite get there. Or we got it and it doesn't work for us at all!

That's because we're going about it all backwards.

You can't build a personal style by trying to get a certain look you saw somewhere.

You build a personal style through cultivating your Core Style™. You start with your purpose, heart, and voice. You start with you. And, once you have clarity there, you figure out how to bring out those looks you love in a way that works for you.

This way you end up with a personal style that has been curated with you in mind.

That's the magic of Core Style™.


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Jessica Jo Fisher