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feel good in your skin and uncover your ideal style

a new approach to body positivity

It’s not exactly a secret that we live in an appearance-obsessed culture. Everything, it seems, has been attached to our looks.

Want to meet your dream man? You need a makeover.

Want that promotion at work? Start dressing better.

Want to feel good about yourself? Learn to love how you look now.

The good news is that we’re starting to get wise to the idea that having one beauty, body, and appearance standard for all of us isn’t healthy or serving us. The bad news is that we’ve replaced that ideal with this obsession on loving how we look.

We’ve missed the point.

Yes, we have a nearly impossible standard of appearance. But, the problem isn’t the standard that we hold.

The problem is how much we value appearance to begin with.

What we need is a new relationship to appearance. One that allows us to have a healthy relationship between ourselves and how we look, our bodies, and what we think of as beauty.

My work on de-centering appearance addresses this need. It’s counter-cultural. It sounds too out there to be true. It’s also the exact solution we’re looking for in this appearance-obsessed world.


a little about jessie

I'm the tea-drinking, type-A former designer and current coach behind everything you find here. And, yes, officially my name is Jessica but please call me Jessie. All my friends do.

When I’m not curled up on the couch binging historical fiction, taking personality tests, or making my fourth cup of tea for the day, I spend my time helping women step into their power and worth by getting past any attachments and insecurities they have around their appearance.

I have a background and training in costume design, education, and professional development. But, I’m also a woman who grew up in a looks-obsessed culture and struggled, despite my privilege, to find myself outside of how I looked.

After years of disordered eating, body image issues, and failed attempts to get on the BoPo (body positivity) train, I found the journey that became de-centering my appearance. It took hitting an emotional rock bottom while dealing with recurrent miscarriages for me to finally seek out a successful approach to healing my relationship with my body and appearance. It’s my hope that other women can learn from my story and heal without having to hit a rock bottom themselves.

I’m a firm believer that we’re far too obsessed with looks and bodies in today’s culture, so I bring healthy body image practices into my coaching that compliment the anti-diet, HAES, and body-neutrality movements.

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