Why those shirtless pics of male actors are problematic for womxn

I ran across an article online yesterday that was simply 40 pictures focused on one particular actor’s body to celebrate his 40th birthday.

This is an actor who has spent time honing his craft.

This is a man who has values and passions and beliefs and purpose in his life that he cares about.

This is a man who is so much more than his body.

I fear that in our search to be held to the same standards as men, we womxn have taken to unapologetically adopting the same behaviors as men. Often times this includes the very behaviors that make us feel like we are only appreciated for the beauty and desire that we bring to the world.

If we want to live in a world that sees us for more than how we look, we have to start being the people who see others for more than how they look. Lowering the standard and making both mxn and womxn targets of unrealistic beauty standards and dehumanizing objectification doesn’t help us. It doesn’t free us from our appearance focused obsession. It heightens it.

I don’t think this is the equality we seek but if we’re not careful it will be the equality we get.

Jessica Jo Fisher