There's nothing special about the smallest part of your body

Here's one of the big lies of style culture: You should be making your body look as small as possible, which means emphasizing the smallest part of your body.

There genuinely isn't anything special about the smallest part of your body.

You don't have to emphasize it.

You don't have to call attention it.

You don't even have to consider it.

It doesn't matter if the smallest part of your body is considered small by others.

It doesn't say anything about you if the smallest part of your body gets bigger or smaller over time.

It's absolutely possible to have an awesome personal style that you love, that serves you, and that you feel good in without worrying about whether or where your body is small or not.

That doesn't mean that you must avoid highlighting the smallest part of your body if that's the look that speaks to you.

It simply means size, and more specifically smallness, shouldn't be so important in our style considerations.

There are countless things that I can think of that you should consider well before size: What are you trying to express? What makes you feel good in your skin? What colors bring you joy? What look raises your energy?

I could keep going, but you get the idea (I hope). There's a lot of lies of style culture that mirror the lies of diet culture and our culture obsession with being a certain size, shape, and such.

One of the big parts of feeling good in your style is identifying these lies and how they're impacting you.

If this is new to you, consider starting here: How has this particular lie impacted how you think about yourself, your worth, and therefore your style choices?

Jessica Jo Fisher