why my process works


It starts with what matters most:

You at your core

Most stylists, designers, and courses approach style starting with the look. Then the good ones work with you to make that look work for you.

I think that's backwards.

My approach begins with you. In fact, the majority of my process centers around you: Who are you? What are your core values and beliefs? What do you want the world to know about you?

I don't even get into the aesthetics of style until we're clear on what you're all about. You're that important to your personal style.

In fact, I don't even call it personal style. I call it Core Style. Because it's all about visually communicating who you are at your core.

Only once we have clarity on you do we move on and weave in your ideal looks and vision for your style. I pull from my background in design, education, and strategy to help you align the aesthetics with your identity to create a style that works with and for you. Holistically and authentically.