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discover your iconic calling card

at the studio

I help women discover their iconic style and calling card

It's all about serving women just like you.

Women who know what they like, have a refined sense of style, and chose to live according to what pleases them … trends be damned. 

And education for women who aspire to as much.


the story behind the studio

Pythia, Greece, and finding a muse

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the studio work


I work with women like you, women who don't necessarily consider themselves designers, to get empowered through design in the following ways:


statement pieces


I design and create statement pieces for women who want to capture their iconic style in tangible ways.

Whether it's a piece of art or custom stationery, each item I create is meant to be noticed. I focus on getting the little details just right because the details show you care. The details are how something goes from beautiful to iconic.

I am currently developing new statement pieces. You can follow along with the process over on Instagram. Or you can sign up below to stay up-to-date and get notified of new pieces via email.

personal and brand design support


I'm all about getting to know you and helping you uncover just how to express that in a visual way. That way you feel confident and know that you're presenting yourself to the world just as you wish to be seen.

I work with individuals to do this as a part of their everyday life. I also work with entrepreneurs who struggle to define a unique visual brand identity.

Click below to learn more about how I can support you or your brand. 



You can find me teaching away over on Instagram stories, in small group coaching sessions, or via self-paced online courses.

I spend a lot of my time teaching because I believe that you truly can use design to elevate your confidence, deepen your understanding of yourself, and find an iconic calling card that makes people take notice.

You can find out more about how to take advantage of all the education I offer here.