A bouquet of fresh flowers. A cup of tea on a snowy day. A handwritten note from your hubby. The greatest joys in life can come from the simplest pleasures.

Now, arrange those flowers in a gorgeous vase and they go from being beautiful to stunning.

Or sip that cup of tea next to a fire under the coziest blanket ever. A moment just became a memory.

And notice that your hubby’s little note is on a lovely card he obviously found just for you. Now, that’s frame-worthy ... and bonus points for him!

With a little care, it’s easy to make the ordinary extraordinary.

This is what the Jessica Jo Fisher studio is all about. I help you take the ordinary, everyday and make it extraordinary.

Whether it’s capturing that certain, special look in a portrait. Or it's adding the perfect piece of art to make your room feel more “you." Perhaps it's giving your thank you note a bit more personality.

I use bold and thoughtful design to create distinct products and custom designs with you in mind.

My job is to make it easier for you to have your everyday be as extraordinary as you’ve always dreamed.

Clearly you’re a woman of, shall we say, discerning taste. That’s right, you’re particular. You’re picky. There’s nothing wrong with that. You like things to look a certain way. You’ve got a style in mind and you want that style to pop.

It matters to you how things look. Not because it’ll make a pretty picture on Instagram, but because you care.

And maybe a little bit because it makes a pretty picture on Instagram.

I completely get it. I’m the same way. In fact, that’s why this Studio exists. 

I wanted something and couldn’t find it, so I made it. Then I realized there were plenty of women out there who were looking for it too. Like you, for instance. And, perhaps, you don’t have the design background, much less the time, to make it yourself.

Don’t worry. That’s why I’m here.

I’ve got your back. Why? Because I know you.

You love to walk through Anthropologie, but you don’t often walk out purchasing much. You love the idea of what you see there, but it’s just not entirely you. Close, but no cigar.

You love to flip through Kinfolk magazine and have a board of minimalist interiors on Pinterest. Aren’t they amazing?!? The simplicity. The ease. The style. But you can’t bring yourself to fully live in one. You need a bit more personality. A bit more punch.

You think the sassy, witty phrases printed on everything are hysterical. You love to laugh at them. And maybe, just maybe, you might buy a little something to send to your best friend because it’s too perfect. But, honestly, you’re not going to walk around with some sass written on your shirt. You’re a bit more subtle than that. You’re in on it, but you want a touch more mystery. Folks will find out you have a sharp wit soon enough, but you’re also a classy dame. You don’t want to send the wrong message.

You aren’t any one thing and you can’t easily be put into any category.

You’re a bit minimalist and a bit whimsical.

You’ve got a bohemian mindset but you love structured design.


You are the woman the Jessica Jo Fisher Studio was created for.